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ED-Cam Portable Endoscopy Camera System

Starting at USD $2,060.00 In stock

  • Convenient and Portable Endoscopy Camera System
  • 7" (17.78 cm) LCD Color Monitor (720x576)
  • IR Remote control
  • Voice recording
  • Image (JPEG)/Video (MPEG4) Capture
  • Support micro SD card
  • Built-in rechargeable battery: 4 hours of operation
  • Power DC 13.5 V
  • Size: 17x22x5 cm
  • CCD camera with 1,300,000 pix resolution
  • Universal eye-piece, focusable camera coupler
  • Fast endoscope exchange

IPhone / Smartphone Borescope Adapter

Starting at USD $690.00 In stock

  • Professional Cost-effective Device 
  • Image quality comparable to that of professional video towers
  • Compatible with any IPhone / Smartphone
  • Compatible with any rigid or flexible fiberscope/borescope with a 32mm eyepiece
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • 8x zoom
  • Light and durable 
  • Health Canada, FDA, EU listed

USB 2.0 Capture Box

Starting at USD $95.00 In stock

The CuteBox is the easiest and best way to turn your laptop or desktop into an entertainment center. It allows you to watch analog television on your computer while even allowing you to record live TV onto your hard drive. The CuteBox accepts both S-Video and Composite (RCA) sources, allowing you to capture TV or even video from your VCR or video camera. It is perfect for turning old family videos into DVDs or just for putting them on your hard drive for safe keeping.

  •      Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0
  •      Bus-power mode use.
  •      One LED indicator for power-on LED.
  •      Plug and play.
  •      Deep buffer to support uncompressed 720x480 video at 30 fps.
  •      USB 2.0 Video and Audio synchronization.
  •      One S-Video input.
  •      One AV input.
  •      One Audio Output.
  •      One Cable TV or Antenna (75 ohm) input.
  •      Support Remote Control.
  •      OS support: Win 2000/Win XP

Borescope Camera ImagePRO-TV

Starting at USD $499.00 In stock

Medit Inc.'s high resolution, 1/4" Color CCD video borescope camera for endoscopes, borescopes, fiberscopes. Optical focusing coupler included.


Key features:
  • 1/4" Color CCD Video camera chip
  • Hi-grade aluminum outer body housing for protection and easy cleaning
  • NTSC (North/South America) and PAL (Europe, Middle East and Asia) Video cameras available
  • Split cable for RCA video cable, and 12V power adapter (both included)
  • Universal C-mount Eyepiece coupler to connect with various rigid and flexible borescopes / fiberscopes

  • Easy to set-up plug and play design
  • Set includes all of the components except a scope and a TV monitor, or USB capture box
  • Compact light weight design for easy transportation 

Borescope Hi-Res CCD Video Camera (NTSC/PAL)

Starting at USD $325.00 In stock


  •  1/3" ENHANCED SUPER SENSITIVE EX-VIEW HAD SONY CCD SENSOR (PAL or NTSC version according to the TV system of the country that you are using this in).
  • 110/220V to 12V DC regulated power adaptor.
  •  RCA video cable to connect to the camera unit to your TV monitor (regular VCR Video-In connection).

Video Coupler

Starting at USD $325.00 In stock

This video camera coupler will clip onto any 32mm borescope eyepiece, and connect with any C-mount video camera unit aligning the CCD/CMOS video camera chip and the image bundle of the borescope. This displays the live video image from the inspection area on your TV monitor, and allows you to focus on the inspection area through the borescope.

ImagePRO HDMI Video Camera for Industrial and Medical Endoscope

Starting at USD $697.00 In stock

  • 1/2.33" CMOS sensor
  • 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)  Active Picture Element
  • Auto / Push-to-set White Balance  
  • Plug-and-View Camera

Borescope Camera ImagePRO USB 3.0

Starting at USD $1,090.00 In stock

  • Low-Light Sensitive USB Borescope Camera
  • Resolution: 1920 (H) x 1200 (V) active pixels
  • Sony 1/1.2” 2.35M pixel Color CMOS sensor 
  • High Frame Rate: 41.6 fps (8bit output)
  • Rugged and Compact (28 (W) x 28 (H) x 40 (D) mm ) Metal Body
  • USB port to transfer video
  • Different Focal Length Video Couplers are available


Not Mac OS compatible

Borescope Camera ImagePRO-USB

Starting at USD $0.00 In stock

  • Variable Focal Range Couplers Available
  • 5.0 Mega Pixel, Full HD
  • 2.0 HI-Speed USB Data Transfer
  • Driver Free
  • Focusable Video Coupler Included
  • Compact, Light Weight Body
  • Windows and Mac OS (macOS) compatible!