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ED-Cam Veterinary Endoscopy Camera System

Starting at USD $2,060.00 In stock

  • Innovative Veterinary Endoscopy Camera System
  • 7 " (17.78 cm) high-resolution TFT LCD color monitor
  • High-resolution 1/2" CCD camera (1,300,000 pix)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery: 4 hours of operation
  • Remote control
  • Voice recording
  • JPEG/MPEG4 file capture
  • 32 Gb SD memory card
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile eye-piece, focusable camera coupler

Video Gastroscope for Large Animals

Starting at USD $13,700.00 In stock

The Medit FVG- Flexible Video Gastroscope, is designed to perform diagnostic procedures and post operative examinations in the stomach and colon of large dogs and horses. These flexible Videoscopes feature a 9.8 or 13mm diameters insertion tube for use in horses/ live stock. All models feature a high resolution CCD image sensor directly in the tip of the insertion probe, which produces a live color image with 440,000 pixels

Key features:
  • Insertion Tube Diameters: 9.8mm, or 13mm
  • Working Lengths: 3.0m, or 3.5m
  • High resolution CCD Image sensor with 440,000 pixels
  • Wide angle 140 degree field of view
  • Instrument Channel Diameter: 2.8 mm, or 3.7 mm
  • Air/Water, Suction and Instrument channels
  • 4-way tip articulation
  • Portable monitor
  • LED light source, with pump, and video processor
  • White balance and sharpness adjustments through the processor
  • Video output to a PAL monitor, computer, or Laptop
  • Video at 30 frames per second
  • Still image capture directly on the monitor through the processor