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Veterinary Otoscope with Integrated Working Channel

For veterinarians looking to predominately perform Otoscopy, with some Cystoscopy, and Rhinoscopy, the integrated Otoendoscope would be a better option since it is a solid version of the MEDIT regular otoscope with the otoscopic sheath, but with 2 optional ports.


  • One solid integrated body with rigid glass lens optics, and a 5F permanent working channel
  • Splitter for the single working channel to allow for suction, irrigation, flexible forceps use, or a small catheter
  • Crystal clear glass lens optics, larger internal image bundle thanks to integrated construction
  • Storz, Wolf, and Olympus light post adapters for light cables, or light handles


Depending on the length, width and other attributes, an examination of particular organs, orifices, passages and cavities requires endoscopic tools of varying characteristics. They may vary in diameter, working length, field of view, direction of view, and presence of sheath for one or more working channels, to name just a few. In some cases one instrument can cover a few fields of endoscopic research, thus saving money and adding convenience to endoscopic procedures. For example, the hybrid integrated veterinary otoscope by MEDIT can be also used for cystoscopy and rhinoscopy thanks to its universal design and additional built-in features, along with its primary purpose of looking into ears. This, in turn, leads to increased customer satisfaction and, consequently, to higher practice revenue. In any case, assessment of treatment and follow-up, documentation of findings and client education always remain the main purposes of a veterinarian otoendoscope.


The MEDIT hybrid Otoendoscope features 5.5mm (0.22’’) diameter at optical end, 85mm (3.35’’) working length and integrated 5F Luer-fitted working channel. The working channel can be split into two with a bridge with three-way stopcocks, permitting the use of biopsy forceps (or a small catheter) along with suction and irrigation.

The working channel and small endoscope size allows optimal external ear and tympanic membrane examination, flushing and foreign body retrieval in small animals.

Additional Features. A wide spectrum of light sources, both handheld compact ones and larger high capacity units as well as light guide cables for the latter are available. Forceps can also be added to the set optionally depending on customer’s preferences. If sharing or documenting examinations is critical, we offer a few solutions which make visualizing the examination on a larger screen and capturing photo and video files during an examination possible.

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