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Borescope Camera ImagePRO-TV

Medit Inc.'s high resolution, 1/4" Color CCD video borescope camera for endoscopes, borescopes, fiberscopes. Optical focusing coupler included.


Key features:
  • 1/4" Color CCD Video camera chip
  • Hi-grade aluminum outer body housing for protection and easy cleaning
  • NTSC (North/South America) and PAL (Europe, Middle East and Asia) Video cameras available
  • Split cable for RCA video cable, and 12V power adapter (both included)
  • Universal C-mount Eyepiece coupler to connect with various rigid and flexible borescopes / fiberscopes

  • Easy to set-up plug and play design
  • Set includes all of the components except a scope and a TV monitor, or USB capture box
  • Compact light weight design for easy transportation 

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Medit's ImagePRO TV Video borescope camera units feature a 1/4" Color CCD video camera chip, which provides you with 760x490pix resolution and over 470 TV lines, and an analog output (RCA) to connect the camera unit to your TV monitor or USB capture box. 
Power  is provided by a 12 volt power adapter, and all of these video cameras feature a focusable universal eyepiece coupler to connect to rigid endoscopes, fiberscopes and endoscopes.

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