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IPhone / Smartphone Borescope Adapter

  • Professional Cost-effective Device 
  • Image quality comparable to that of professional video towers
  • Compatible with any IPhone / Smartphone
  • Compatible with any rigid or flexible fiberscope/borescope with a 32mm eyepiece
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • 8x zoom
  • Light and durable 
  • Health Canada, FDA, EU listed

The new IPhone Borescope adapter is a state-of-the-art technology that combines the advantages of a high-tech device with extreme portability, compact size and groundbreaking affordability. It is available any time you need it and allows to perform inspections or procedures whenever and wherever you need them, providing prompt and efficient help to your clients.  

The smartphone fiberscope/borescope adapter features cutting-edge professional optics allowing users to view remote areas on their smartphone screen. It can be used for a wide variety of medical and industrial applications as it connects any smartphone including iPhone 6 Plus to almost any standard rigid or flexible endoscope/borescope with a 32 mm eyepiece.

The system takes seconds to set up and minimal technical alignment. Once the borescope is connected, you can use your smartphone settings to perform various functions: record videos and still images, save, replay and share them with your clients or colleagues or transfer them to a PC or TV. The adaptor is equipped with a professional level high-resolution adjustable lens to magnify and focus the inspection images. It can use the light source that comes with the viewing device or an additional portable light source.

The IPhone Borescope adapter features a compact and robust design that allows for easy transporting, operation, storage and maintenance. No more bulky equipment and unnecessary wires to get in the way of your inspections.

The adapter was designed and engineered for highly-efficient, cost-effective and prompt inspections  

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