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Extremely Bright LED Light Source ILLUMINATOR

Starting at USD $1,570.00 In stock

• Brightness: 1850 Lumens
• Light Output: 1800K Lux
• Clean White Light (6000K Color Temperature)
• 60 000Hrs LED bulb life
• Encoder light intensity control
• No UV or Infrared radiation

Olympus Borescope LED Light Source SPARK-OL

Starting at USD $350.00 In stock

  • Easy Coupling with Olympus Borescopes and Endoscopes
  • Ultimate performance
  • Best in class light intensity
  • Great heat utilization
  • Up to 2 hrs of continuous use
  • Long LED lifetime
  • Standard AAA Batteries
  • Light and Portable Design

Metal Halide Light Source MS-100

Starting at USD $1,980.00 In stock

Metal Halide Light Source MS-100 Superbright Metal Halide Light Source MS-100 delivers powerful light illumination that is 2 times higher than our super featured MS-24 light source. This light source is perfect for any aread of application where ever any type of scopes can be used.

Metal Halide Light Source MS-24

Starting at USD $1,190.00 In stock

• 24 Watt short arc Metal Halide lamp
• 5500K (daylight) color temperature
• Step-less manual illumination adjustment
• Low heat radiation
• Compact design

AL-1824 Arc Lamp - metal halide lamp for MS24/MS48 light sources

Starting at USD $260.00 In stock

AL-1824 Arc Lamp assembly is a high-intensity metal-halide bulb that fits MS24 and MS48 metal halide light sources.

Borescope LED Light Source SPARK

Starting at USD $299.00 In stock

  •  Ultimate performance
  •  Best in class light intensity
  •  Great heat utilization
  •  Up to 4 hrs of continuous use
  •  Standard AAA Rechargeable batteries
  •  Light and Portable Design

Fiber Optic Light Guide Cable

Starting at USD $145.00 In stock

Fiber Optic Light Guide Cable, in a 10mm (0.39") diameter, with Optional 1.8 meter (6ft), 2.5 meter (8.6ft) or 5 meter (16.4ft) lengths. Adaptors for the scopes and light sources include STORZ, WOLF, and OLYMPUS type connections.

  • A Strain-relief design which provides a gentle radius of curvature at the end, reducing sharp angles and minimizing broken fibers
  • Autoclavable sterilization to 135°C (275°F)
  • A SILICON Sealed Design
  • Storz, Wolf and Olympus adaptors/connections.