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Borescope LED Light Source SPARK

  •  Ultimate performance
  •  Best in class light intensity
  •  Great heat utilization
  •  Up to 4 hrs of continuous use
  •  Standard AAA Rechargeable batteries
  •  Light and Portable Design

MEDIT’s  “SPARK” LED light source is specially designed for growing demands in the NDT industry.  It utilizes a newly designed LED chip which is combined with a specialized focal lens to produce 15% more light intensity then the most powerful light sources in the class.
The body is composed of high grade aluminum with an anodized finish. Thanks to the specialized design heat given off buy the LED element is evenly dispersed to the surface. Effectively retaining any heat internally making the inspection process more comfortable.  
For power the “Spark” LED uses 3 standard AAA batteries, which can easily be purchased globally, or in rechargeable form, Ni-MH, Li-ion, or Alkaline, if you want to use continually.
Portable and easy-to-operate the “Spark” LED light source is a must-have for routine remote visual inspections.

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