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Veterinary Oto-Endoscope Set

* Optical system - glass lens optics
* Direction of view - 0 degree/ 30 degree
* Field of view - 50 degrees/
* Depth of view - 5mm  to infinity (3/16" - infinity)
* Insertion tube diameter 2.7mm (0.11"), 4mm (0.16") (Optional)
* Canula Working Length - 64mm (2.51") Operational, 72mm (2.83") Diagnostic, 80mm (3.15") Otoscopic 
* Waterproof - soakable in alcohol based sterilizing solutions
* Operating temperature - 10 degree C - 80 degree C (50F - 176F)

Medit’s Multi-Purpose Vet-set, features an Oto-endosocpe which has been specially designed by veterinary professionals for universal diagnostics and routine procedures in both large and small animals. These multi-purpose endoscopes feature a 2.7mm diameter with a 108mm working length, and a 0 degree, straightforward view of the inspection area. In addition to this rigid endoscope we have also specially designed 3 interchangeable sheaths for various applications, including external and middle ear Otoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Arthroscopy, Vaginoscopy, and Mini-Diagnostic Laparoscopy.

The three interchangeable sheaths consist of:

OTOSCOPIC SHEATH, with a conical body, a 5.5mm tip diameter and a 2mm working channel for flexible forceps, a catheter for insemination, or for irrigation and suction of the ear canal. The main function of this sheath is as a cleaning device for diseased ears.

DIAGNOSTIC SHEATH, with an extremely small 3.5mm tip diameter, one rotatable fluid port to irrigate or aspirate the inspection area, or tip of the scope. This sheath is specially designed for Rhinoscopy and Arthroscopy in small animals.

OPERATIONAL SHEATH, designed for more invasive procedures with a 14Fr insertion tube, a 2mm working channel for Flexible Forceps or a Catheter, and 2 fluid ports for suction and irrigation. Applications include Otoscopy, Transcervical Insemination, and Anoscopy. 

Canulas' working length is: 64mm (2.51") Operational, 72mm (2.83") Diagnostic, 80mm (3.15") Otoscopic

  • High quality rigid glass lens Endoscope, with a 2.7mm diameter, 108mm length, and 0 degree angle of view
  • Locking mechanism between the scope and the sheaths insure tight locking and no movement during inspections
  • All fluid ports feature manual stopcocks
  • All sheaths are stainless steel, and have CE and ISO Certification
  • Universal eyepiece and light post for easy interconnectivity
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • WOLF, Storz, and Olympus Light post adpaters
  • Standard endoscope eyepiece for use with ACMI, STORZ, Wolf, Olmypus, Stryker, and MEDIT video camera units
  • Optional OEM manufacture, and abiltiy to manufacture the same set in longer lengths, or different diameters/angles of view
  • Rigid Glass Rod lenses, offer an excellent crisp image of the inspection area
  • Sheaths open a wide variety of procedures and inspections which can be performed
  • Universal type eyepiece and light post adatpers are the same as Wolf, Storz, and Olympus for inter-connectivity with new and existing veterinary equipement

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