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Cystoscope: 30 degree of view, 4 mm diameter, 374 mm length


  • Rigid Glass Lens optics, with a clear image of the inspection area
  • Universal light post connections including STORZ, WOLF, and OLYMPUS
  • A padded box for safe transport and storage of the scope
  • Operational sheath should be used for diagnostics, procedures, and Trans-cervical Insemination


  • Optional 2.7mm and 4mm diameters available, with either a 0 degree, or 30 degree angle of view
  • For insemination in dogs, 300mm or longer 400mm lengths are available
  • Easy connection with the operational sheath opens up a multitude of procedures you can complete
  • Units can be grouped together with other products to complete packages


  • Optional operational sheath available with 2 fluid ports, and one working channel for forceps, or catheters
  • Full compliment of portable and fixed light sources, for different levels of illumination
  • Waterproof design for easy cleaning and sterilization, or autoclavable design for more rigorous cleaning

Medit’s veterinary Cystoscopes feature clean and crisp rigid glass lens optics coupled with durable stainless steel, and a light post which features Storz, Wolf, and Olympus connections for our light sources, or preexisting light sources you may have.

These units are used for diagnostics, and operations, as well as artifical insemination in dogs. Our Cystoscopes, are typically 4mm in diameter with a 30 degree angle of view and a working length of either 300mm (12"), or 400mm (16"), they also require one of our operational sheaths which features 2 fluid ports for suction, irrigation or insuflation, and a thrid working channel for flexible forceps, or a catheter. These operational sheaths are available in different sizes, and the Cystoscopes are available in basic waterproof, or autoclavable versions. 

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