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Easy-See Endoscopy Camera Handle

SKU: ESeeCam
Product Highlights:

  • High-Definition Display: The wide camera chip captures and transfers high-quality images to a connected mobile device
  • Comprehensive White Balance: With the manual white balance correction, the choice is yours for achieving true-to-life color accuracy in diverse operating conditions.
  • Photo and Video Capture: Photo and video capture of critical moments of any procedure for a deeper analysis or educational purpose.
  • Wifi Stream to App: Easy streaming to a mobile device for visualizing and capturing the footage.
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Product Information
The Easy-See Endoscope Camera Handle is a battery-operated device that connects to endoscopes, otoscopes, and fiberscopes. It displays the image on a mobile device, making it easy to see and capture pictures. The camera handle easily clips onto any 32mm round eyepiece of an endoscope or fiberscope and has a trigger button for quick picture capture. The whole system is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably in the hand. The rechargeable battery is located inside the handle and can be charged using a magnetic connection charging cord. The white balance button located under the power button allows you to correct white balance with just one press. The Endoscope Camera connects to a mobile device via Wi-Fi and allows you to take pictures and videos, freeze the image, correct the white balance, playback the images, and download them. The Easy-See Endoscope Camera is a great solution for veterinary procedures and other visual examinations. Pair it with a fiberscope or endoscope and a light source for a complete package.

  • Safety Classification: Class I, Type BF
  • Waterproof Level: Camera Head IPX3
  • Image Hor Resolution: 800 Lines
  • White Balance: Manual
  • Color Reduction Ability: Not Less Than L. 4
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight: 200g
  • Software App: Endovision
What's included
Endoscopic Camera with a Video Coupler, AC Power Adapter.
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