Endoscopy Systems for Human and Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Multi-Purpose Endoscopy Set
We specialize in veterinary endoscopes for a variety of small and large animal applications including otoscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy, trans-cervical insemination, and gastro-intestinal procedures. Our sets also include accessories like specialized sheath, forceps, and endoscopy cameras for a variety of uses both as new sets, or as a new component for an existing set.
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Micro Video Endoscope
MICRON ultra thin USB video endoscope with the smallest, from 1.15mm only diameter flexible insertion tube is designed to reach inside any extremely narrow or difficult to reach areas including catheters, endoscope working channels, or body cavities. The videoscope is manufactured in the US, and it features a CIS CMOS video camera chip in the tip of the probe. The clarity is far superior to any fiberscope coupled with a camera unit that is on the market.
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Sterilizable LED Light Handle
This portable battery powered LED light source runs for up to 4 hours on full charge and produces a 5,200K pure white light. It comes with a universal endoscope light post adapter to fit Wolf, Storz, Olympus, ACMI. The handle is IEC and RoHS Compliant, and can be sterilized in Cidex OPA, Sterrad, Sterris, etc.
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