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Endoscopy LED Light Source MS-LED

Product Highlights:

  • Brightness: 1850 Lumens
  • Light Output: 1800K Lux
  • Clean White Light (6000K Color Temperature)
  • 60 000Hrs LED bulb life
  • Encoder light intensity control
  • No UV or Infrared radiation
  • ACMI Receptacle Connection
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Product Information
Medit introduces its new superiorly bright LED light source the MS-LED. Now you can stop using fragile and sensitive halogen, xenon, or metal halide light sources. This unit is a very cost-effective solution with an extremely long life expectancy (<60 000Hrs, longer than a 250W halogen, or 100W Xenon bulb), while at the same time the light output, easily replaces even the 250W halogen light sources. Light intensity is controlled via a knob. MS-LED spectral output below 430nm (deep blue and UV) and above 700nm (near IR) is minimal, making it ideal for sensitive applications.
Thanks in part to a special cooling fan system, the Illuminator generates very low noise, which is a great advantage, especially when trying to listen for abnormal sounds during inspections. Pair it with a Fiber optic cable to make the most out of the MS-LED.

  • System Light output: Lux 1800k
  • LED lamp life: 60,000 hrs
  • Size: 2.7"(68mm) x 3.5"(90mm) x 5"(127mm)
  • Weight: less than 1lb(0.45kg)
  • Operation temp: 0 ~ 40˚C
  • Power: 110-220V / 60Hz (V/Hz)
  • Cooling: Fan
  • ACMI Receptacle Connection
What's included
LED light source, Power cord
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