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Sterilizable Light Source for Endoscopes

Product Highlights:

  • Portable LED Light Handle for Endoscopes
  • Up to 1-3 hrs of continuous use on full charge
  • 5,200K Pure White Light
  • Brightness: 160 Lumens
  • System works from two rechargeable (2) batteries
  • Easy Light Output Control 10-100%
  • Expected LED life is 10 years
  • RoHS Compliant
  • IEC Compliance IEC60601-1 (3rd Ed)
  • Sterilizable (Cidex OPA, Sterrad, Sterris,etc.)
  • ACMI Thread Connection
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Product Information
The SPARK PRO Handheld Light Source (HLS) provides superior LED illumination for rigid and flexible endoscopes, borescopes, for medical and veterinary examination applications. Patent pending optics collect more light from the LED, for a highly efficient light source. The SPARK PRO light handle replaces fiber-optic light-guide cables or wires common to traditional light sources of the past. Enhanced mobility, ease of use, brightness and quality of light are achieved with this device.
It uses a powerful, best-in-class LED, cooled by a comfortable, finned handle. An easy to grip intensity knob provides precise adjustments of light output and a quick-change battery. Internal circuitry protects against accidental reverse polarity, should the battery be inserted in the wrong orientation, and maintains constant current to the LED as the battery voltage drops with use, for more consistent light output.
A long life LED eliminates lamp replacement and requires no fan, providing a silent and energy efficient light source which is lightweight, compact and portable.
Please be sure to handle this optical instrument with care at all times. The electrical and optical components can be damaged by physical abuse, extreme temperatures, or fluid invasion into the light source.


  • Brightness: 160 Lumens
  • Body Diameter: 32mm [1.28in]
  • Overall Length: 103mm [4.06 in]
  • Weight (with battery): 137g [4.8oz]
  • Battery Life at Full LED Power: ~ 45 minutes
  • Battery Charge Time: ~ 2 hours
  • Battery Type: RCR123A (16340) Protected Lithium Ion 3.7V, 800mAHr minimum
  • Power Source: Internal Battery Power
  • Mode of Operation: Continuous, Adjustable Light Output
  • Safe Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 15 – 33°C [59 - 91°F]
  • Safe Storage and Transport Temperature Range: -25 – 50°C [-13 - 122°F]
  • Safe Operating, Storage, and Transport Relative Humidity Range: 0 – 95% RH
  • Battery Recharge Cycles: ~ 500 recharges
  • RoHs Compliant
  • ACMI Thread Connection
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SPARK PRO light handle
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