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LOOK-SEE Endoscopy Camera System

Product Highlights:

  • High-Definition Display: The 22-inch LCD monitor brings the smallest details into sharp focus with its 1000 TV line resolution. Witness a visual clarity that not only guides your hand but also educates your team and reassures your patients.
  • HD Video Quality: With 1980x1080 resolution, surgical videos aren’t just recorded; they're captured in cinematic quality, becoming valuable resources for review and education.
  • Adaptive Lighting: From the soft tissue nuances in urethroscopy to the complexities in arthroscopic environments, the powerful LED light source, ranging from 5,000K to 8,000K color temperature, illuminates the examing area with perfection.
  • Comprehensive White Balance: Automatic, manual, or preset – the choice is yours for achieving true-to-life color accuracy in diverse operating conditions.
  • User-Friendly Camera Head: Designed with intuitive controls and a responsive CMOS 1/2" image sensor, the camera head simplifies procedures and can be conveniently wall-mounted alongside the monitor for easy access.
  • Innovative Freeze & Capture: Freeze and capture critical moments of any procedure for a deeper analysis or educational purpose.
  • Efficient Data Management: With USB disc storage and HDMI output, managing and sharing data is seamless, enhancing collaboration and record-keeping.
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Product Information
Enhanced LOOK-SEE Endoscope Camera System for Veterinary and Medical Facilities

Introducing the LOOK-SEE Endoscope Camera System, an essential tool for a variety of endoscopic procedures in both veterinary and medical settings. This system is particularly beneficial for check-in rooms and is indispensable for procedures like ENT, arthroscopy, and urethroscopy. Its design allows for the monitor and camera head to be wall-mounted, ensuring they are always ready for immediate use.
The system includes a 22-inch LCD monitor with a screen resolution of 1000 TV lines, high-definition video quality, adaptive lighting, comprehensive white balance, and a user-friendly camera head. It also features innovative freeze and replay functions, efficient data management, and USB disc compatibility for data transfer and storage.
The camera head features a standard C-mount thread and comes with an adjustable video coupler to connect with an endoscope eyepiece. The LOOK-SEE Camera System is a valuable addition to modern medical facilities, enabling greater efficiency and precision in endoscopic procedures. The LOOK-SEE Camera System transforms the efficiency and precision of endoscopic procedures, making it a cornerstone in modern veterinary and medical facilities. With its features and easy accessibility, it stands as a testament to the advancements in medical imaging technology.
Endoscopic Camera Head:
  • Sensor type: Advanced CMOS, 1/2"
  • Effective pixels: 1920x1080
  • Resolution: 1000 TV Lines
  • Shutter: Auto
  • S/N: >54dB
  • Min. sensitivity: 20Lux
  • Coupler Focal Length(mm): 22mm (Standard); other options are available
  • White balance: Auto/Manual/Preset
  • Mount: C/CS Focal
  • Control: Four buttons (Image/Video/White balance)

  • 22" Color LCD Display
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • HDMI out: Yes
  • USB stick storage: Yes
  • Integrated Light Source: WOLF Connection
  • LED light source color temperature: 5,000-8,000K var.
  • Video storage format: H.264 1980x1080
  • Image/Video Capture: Yes
  • USB External Memory to transfer data to a computer
  • Playback: No
What's included
Endoscopic Camera with a Video Coupler, Monitor, Patch Cable, AC Power Adapter.
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