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Sheep Laparoscopic Insemination (LAI) Set

SKU: Vet-Set 2 (Sheep Insemination)

Product Highlights:

  • Affordable, yet Quality Set for Laparoscopic Sheep Insemination
  • Laparoscope with Rod glass lens (5mm or 7mm)
  • Stainless Steel Trocars and Cannulas
  • Super Bright LED Light Source with Flexible Fiber Optic Light Cable
  • Laparoscope and Cannulas are Soakable in Alcohol Based Sterilizing Solution
  • Optional Accessories are Availbale
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Product Information

When it comes to Artificial Insemination in sheep, due to cross-pleating inside the cervix, which makes it narrow and hard to navigate, normal trans-cervical methods cannot be used to deposit a sufficient amount of sperm. Therefore, the preferred method is Laparoscopic artificial insemination (LAI). This technique bypasses the cervix, by going through the abdomen, to deposit sperm directly into the lumen of the uterine horns, producing a more reliable outcome, with less semen.

The ideal set should consist of the following items:
Rigid LaparoscopeTrocars and cannulasLight source Then you can look at adding some optional accessories (forceps, CO2 insufflator, suction and irrigation pump, video camera, etc.).

The Rigid Laparoscope we sell for sheep LAI has a 0 degree, straight forward angle of view, a 7mm (0.28") or 5mm (0.19") diameter, and a 330mm (13") / 300mm (11.8") length, with glass rod lenses that produce a great high quality image. The larger diameter (7mm) is creating a little bit more light transmission to illuminate the inspection area compared to smaller 5mm endoscopes.

The trocars and cannulas sets are stainless steel, and come with two sharp trocars and a cannula with a port for CO2 gas or fluid irrigation. We also include extra rubber caps. You need to get 2 of these sets, one for the scope to penetrate the abdominal wall, and the other for the catheter or pipette with the semen. You can also use the second cannula for rigid forceps if you want to perform standard Laparoscopic procedures too.

The light source, we actually offer 2 options; a fixed plug in light source, that provides a constant stream of bright white illumination, with brightness control settings, and an LED bulb that lasts over 50,000 hours. Or we have portable battery powered LED light handles, which are available in 2 models, one of which also features built in brightness control, but the battery life does limit the length of time you have to complete inspections, so you may need additional batteries. These units very economical though.

Optional accessories for Laparoscopic artificial insemination (LAI) in sheep include: video camera units, which couple to the eyepiece of the rigid scope, and allow you to view the live image on a TV of computer/laptop, and capture images/video if you want, forceps for laparoscopic procedures (biopsy, grasping, cutting, etc.), and additional veterinary machines like a CO2 insufflator to inflate the abdomen of the sheep to assist with insemination, or a suction and irrigation unit to remove fluids from the inspection area, or to flush the lens of your scope, or rinse areas with water or saline solution.

Do not hesitate to contact our specialist if you have any questions, or if you want to get a quote.

What's included
Rigid Laparoscope, Trocars and cannulas, Light source. Optional accessories on request
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