SKU: Sinuscope
Product Highlights:

  • Rigid Glass Lens optics, with a clear image of the inspection area
  • Universal light post connections including STORZ, WOLF, and OLYMPUS
  • A padded box for safe transport and storage of the scope
  • Units can be grouped together with other products to complete packages
  • 2.7mm, and 4mm diameters are available in either 0 degree, or 30 degree angles of view
  • 175 mm working length
  • Optional sheaths are available for different inspections, or procedures
  • Optional portable and fixed light sources, for different levels of illumination
  • Waterproof design for easy cleaning and sterilization
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Product Information
Medit Inc. offers a full complement of Class 1 medical devices for EAR, NOSE, and THROAT endoscopy. The Sinuscopes are great for inspections of the nose, and even for cleaning out the nose, or going up into the sinuses. These units offer advanced optics with clear, crisp images of the inspection area, and provide accessories such as sheaths, forceps, and portable and fixed light sources which provide illumination.

  • Rod lens optics
  • DOV - 0 degree (standard) / 30 degree (optional)
What's included
Rigid endoscope, Optional accessories
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