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Telescope for Vaginoscopy, Cystoscopy and Transcervical Insemination

SKU: 30430S Vaginal Set
Product Highlights:

  • Perfect for vaginoscopy, cystoscopy, transcervical insemination in medium and large dogs
  • 4mm Diameter, 30° Direction-of-View, 300mm (12") length Rigid Glass Lens Optic Telescope
  • Universal light post connections including ACMI, STORZ, WOLF, and OLYMPUS
  • A padded box for safe transport and storage of the scope
  • 257mm working length diagnostic/operational sheath with 2 fluid ports, and one working channel for forceps, or catheters
  • Waterproof design for easy cleaning and sterilization
  • Optional Compatible Light Sources and Endoscopy Cameras are Available
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Product Information
Common indications for veterinarian vaginoscopy and cystoscopy include such conditions as chronic cystitis, incontinence, trauma, vaginal discharge, bleeding, and foreign body removal, to name just a few of the most frequent ones. In addition, both procedures may be performed in conjunction with artificial insemination.
The timely treatment of the conditions mentioned above is critical to the reproductive and general health of small animals. At the same time, artificial insemination in dogs under visual control provides a proven way to increase the conception rates and overall reproductive efficiency. The main advantage of these procedures is that the area to be reached can be approached either through natural bodily openings or through small incisions, thus minimizing intrusion and risk for the animal.
The MEDIT's Telescope for Vaginoscopy, Cystoscopy and Transcervical Insemination is a multipurpose tool aimed at providing added convenience and affordable pricing. The endoscope, thanks to its versatility, can be used by veterinary professional performing all three kinds of procedures in medium and large size dogs (approximately 25 lbs. or larger). In addition to vaginoscopy, cystoscopy and artificial insemination, it can also be used for related types of urogenital tract examinations such as colposcopy and ureteroscopy.
It consists of a 300mm (12'') long stainless steel rigid endoscope with a 4mm diameter and a 30° direction of view. A diagnostic or operational sheath ((30Fr. in the widest part) is included with the set providing three working channels. Two of them are fluid ports for irrigation, suction, or insufflation, while the third channel accommodates flexible forceps or a catheter. The working length of the sheath is 257mm.
The telescope is supplied with a set of universal light post connections, compatible with Olympus, Storz, ACMI and Wolf, among others.

Additional Options. Even though our Endoscope for Vaginoscopy, Cystoscopy and Transcervical Insemination can be connected to both handheld and larger light sources of various makes, there is the option of adding a light source of the customer's choice to the set. In addition, a video system which permits to capture still photos and video recordings can also form a part of the set depending on the customers' preferences. The telescope is waterproof for easy sterilization.


  • Rod lens optic
  • Endoscope: 4mm diameter, 30-degree angle of view, 300mm working length
  • Sheath: 30Fr. (in the widest part), 257mm working length
  • 2 fluid (dual stopcocks) and 1 working port
  • Waterproof - soakable in alcohol based sterilizing solutions
  • Operating temperature - 10 degree C - 80 degree C (50F - 176F)
  • Optional light source and/or video camera of your choice
What's included
Rigid telescope, Operational sheath
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