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ED-Cam Veterinary Endoscopy Camera System

Product Highlights:

  • Innovative Veterinary Endoscopy Camera System
  • 7 " (17.78 cm) high-resolution TFT LCD color monitor
  • High-resolution 1/2" CCD camera (1,300,000 pix)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery: 4 hours of operation
  • Remote control
  • Voice recording
  • JPEG/MPEG4 file capture
  • 32 Gb SD memory card
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile eye-piece, focusable camera coupler
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Product Information
ED-Cam portable endoscopy camera system is a great visual diagnostic device that was designed to make veterinary endoscopy procedures fast, efficient and easy. Its portable image HUB with a 7" color LCD display and a high resolution CCD camera can be connected to almost any flexible or rigid endoscope by means of a focusable video coupler. The whole system is very light (only 975 gr), versatile, portable and takes moments to set up.
The whole endoscopy process can be viewed right on the display with information either be saved on a SD memory card or sent directly to your PC or laptop via USB cable. This way you will always keep your digital pet health records organized and intact. Plus, you can use the inspection footage later for further analysis.
ED-Cam endoscopy camera system is very handy to have in your exam room for minor endoscopic (e.g. ENT) procedures. It is also suited for basic laparoscopic and arthroscopic procedures. Advanced camera features allow you to bring the camera to the minimum focusing distance from the surface, which will give you a detailed footage of the inspection area. This feature is also great for dermatologic diagnostics and documenting.
With ED-cam you can either use the endoscopes you already have, or buy a new one for your specific applications without having to purchase the whole visual system.
It's easy to use, light, portable, no extra cables or bulky equipment. It will be an irreplaceable tool both, within the hospital and when you are called to a client's home. Due to built-in rechargeable battery, which allows for up to 4 hours of uninterrupted inspections, you can take ED-cam with you wherever you need to go to carry out inspections. External power supply is also available.


  • CCD Camera Unit:
  • Resolution: 1028 X 1024
  • Focal Length(mm): F35mm
  • Sensor resolution: 1,300,000 pixels
  • Auto white balance: Yes
  • Focal Format: 1/2"
  • Mount: C/CS
  • Focal Dimension: φ50 x L42
  • LCD Display Size: 7" Digital
  • Display resolution: 720x 576 LCD
  • Recording Turn On/Off: On the base or with IR remote control
  • Audio and Video recording: Yes (MPEG4/AVI)
  • Snapshot resolution (JPEG format): up to 5M pixels
  • Video recording resolution: Selectable
  • Replay video and review image: Yes
  • Fast Forward and Fast Rewind when replay the video: Yes
  • Languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese
  • Detection Micro SD card capacity availability: Yes
  • Power charger indication Light: Yes
  • USB port (1.1/2.0) data transfer to PC: Yes
  • Support micro SD card up to 32GB: Yes
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Power Charger: 100~240V AC in / 13.5V DC out
  • Working temperature -20° to 60° (Celsius)
What's included
CCD Camera with a Video Coupler, Portable Monitor, Patch Cable, AC Power Adapter, micro SD Card, IR Remote Control, User Guide.
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