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Video Gastroscope for Large Animals

SKU: VG-13
Product Highlights:

The Medit FVG- Flexible Video Gastroscope, is designed to perform diagnostic procedures and postoperative examinations in the stomach and colon of large dogs and horses. These flexible Videoscopes feature a 9.8 or 13mm diameters insertion tube for use in horses/ livestock. All models feature a high resolution CCD image sensor directly in the tip of the insertion probe, which produces a live color image with 440,000 pixels

Key features:

  • Insertion Tube Diameters: 9.8mm, or 13mm
  • Working Lengths: 3.0m, or 3.5m
  • High resolution CCD Image sensor with 440,000 pixels
  • Wide angle 140 degree field of view
  • Instrument Channel Diameter: 2.8 mm, or 3.7 mm
  • Air/Water, Suction and Instrument channels
  • 4-way tip articulation
  • Portable monitor
  • LED light source, with pump, and video processor
  • White balance and sharpness adjustments through the processor
  • Video output to a PAL monitor, computer, or Laptop
  • Video at 30 frames per second
  • Still image capture directly on the monitor through the processor
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Product Information
The FVG Video Gastroscopes also feature a waterproof insertion probe with 4-way tip articulation, an instrument channel for flexible forceps, additional channels for air/water, and suction (additional unit required), a wide angle 140 degree field of view, a focal range of 5mm – 100mm from the tip, and a 200 watt Halogen light source incorporated into the design.
For customers looking to capture images, the FVG videoscopes connect directly with computer monitors, and offer on screen image capture. For a portable option, a USB capture box is included to connect the videoscope directly to a computer/laptop, allowing you to view the live image, and capture images and video direct to your hard drive. With the video processor built into the light source there are also adjustments that can be made to the image including a white balance and sharp focus.
Package includes LED Light Source, Water bottle and Air Pump, Biopsy Forceps, Cleaning Brushes, Jaw Spacers, Leak Tester, Waterproof Insertion Tube and a Carrying Case
Note: FVG Video Gastroscope for Large Animals is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


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What's included
  • VET-OR1200HD Video System Center
  • Monitor cable(DVI)
  • S-video cable(Y/C)
  • Power cord
  • Fuse (2.5A) - 5 pieces
  • Connector cable(USB)
  • White balance cap
  • Blank disc & case
  • Instruction manual
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